9 most powerful German cars and trucks sold in the US

Autobahn Aces : (9 most powerful German cars and trucks sold in the U.S.)

When the German autobahn is your testing ground, chances are good the vehicles your company builds will be remarkably poised, refined and, most of all, bristling with power and performance.
Our first look into the most powerful cars and trucks took us right to our own backyard; a neighborhood populated by the likes of Hemi engines and supercharged small-block V-8s. Now, we’re looking to our German neighbors, to see who takes top honors amongst the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and, yes, even mild(er)-mannered Volkswagen.

Again, we’re looking at horsepower, not top speed or the best acceleration runs – though none of these vehicles are exactly what you’d call performance slouches. It’s a very simple formula that we’re sticking to because…well, it’s a very simple formula!
So yes, some cars might corner harder, hit a higher top speed, or have a delightful way of putting their snarling engines way out back, behind the rear axle. That would be you Porsche – and believe it or not, the Stuttgart powerhouse did not score a single win in any of our categories.

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