For car lovers, college students, families, and adventurers alike, the road trip is one of the greatest experiences one can embark upon – so long as its done right. And a major part of what makes any road trip successful is the vehicle in which you do it. Sure, you can pack 5 full-grown adults into a Honda Civic and drive thousands of miles and have a memorable time – but ‘memorable’ doesn’t necessarily mean enjoyable, efficient, or comfortable.

As such, we’ve endeavored to compile a collection of some of the best 4-wheelers to get the job done. Whether you’re driving home for the holidays between semesters, taking the kids on their first trip to a National Park, or just seeing how long it takes for you and your closest friends to drive from coast to coast – each and every one of these vehicles are excellent in their own way. These are the 15 best road trip cars you can buy right now.


What We’re Looking For

For certain types of driving, there are clear dos and don’ts that set some apart from others. For instance, a 4×4 off-roader must have all-terrain capabilities, good ground clearance, and a good amount of torque. That which makes a great road trip car, however, is a little more ill-defined and is weighted at least in part on the basis of opinion. As such, we believe it’s important to outline exactly why we’ve put together this particular list. The metrics are as follows:

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