So you’ve finally decided to head out on that long overdue backpacking trip? Leave all the hustle and bustle of the city behind, a temporary relief from that stressful 9-5, and a chance to explore everything the great outdoors has to offer. We commend you on that decision, and are here to help navigate the difficult task of purchasing the right sleeping bag for your backpacking trip. One might think a sleeping bag is just sleeping bag, right? But, oh how one would be wrong. Sleeping bag technology has come along way in the past few decades, and as more individuals embrace the nomadic lifestyle, manufacturers are continuing to push the envelope when it comes to their offerings.

There are really 3 important factors to consider when purchasing a backpacking sleeping bag. The first of which is the temperature rating, which has now become a much less daunting task thanks to the industry wide consistency provided to us by the EN methodology. This gives us as consumers the ability to trust the ratings advertised from different brands. The next thing to consider is the weight-to-comfort ratio (we just made that up by the way). Seeing that you will be backpacking, you want something lightweight, but you also don’t want to sacrifice a comfortable night’s sleep because there’s nothing worse.

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