For all the frills and thrills innovative backpacks can offer these days, the overarching premise remains the same. That is, a convenient and comfortable means through which to keep your personal items safe and sound while in transit. It’s also no secret that different variations of backpacks pertain to different activities; from hiking to backpacking to daily motorcycle commutes. It’s with the stylish urban commuters, however, that we find striking examples of the age-old testament that less is more.

So, within this ethos, we decided to handpick a selection of the finest minimalist backpacks around today. Some, of course, are larger than others. Some more expensive than others. However, everything included in this list of the 25 best minimalist backpacks all adheres to a similar clean design that’s both sleek in appearance yet utilitarian in nature. Just take a look through and match one to your personal wants, needs, and expectations.

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