As comforting and natural as firelight can be by the campsite, these days a bit of electrical assistance is in order to keep the tents lit up after the sun sets as well as the surrounding area. Fortunately, the world of camping lights has continued to greatly expand beyond the realm of lanterns and into full-fledged lighting sets for those glamping or backpacking into the great outdoors. We for one, are just thankful so many options exist for the taking.

Which brings us to our next point. Purpose. This is what’s needed to be considered for each camping excursion, out and back trip, or extended stay. Meaning, how much lighting do you realistically need for your campsite? Will a solo lantern do it justice or are surrounding area lights a more necessary ingredient to brightening up the darkened wilderness around you. That’s why we worked to compile this diverse list of camping lights – from camping lanterns to string lights for a camper van. They’re all here and ready to light up the night.

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