10 best cycling gloves

Hands take the brunt of the wintry conditions on the bike but these gloves will help keep them warm and dry until the temperatures begin to rise again.

From the milder days when your digits feel the breeze to the ice cold conditions in which bare hands would freeze to your handlebars, we have it covered.

1. Castelli Prima Glove: £12

For those glued to their phone, these touch-screen gloves provide a decent option for milder days. The material will allow fingers to breathe whilst the snazzy grips offer something a little different. The long cuffs also keep any wind chill from sneaking up your arm.

2. B’Twin 700 Winter Cycling Gloves: £11.99

The index finger is made with a brilliantly useful ‘touch-screen’ material meaning you don’t have to tug your glove off every time you want to answer the phone. Ideal for cyclists on a budget.

3. Altura Thermastretch Windproof Gloves: £23.99

These are made from a single material, neoprene, rather than layering. It gives the gloves a snug feel and makes them easy to slip on and off quickly. The material is stretchy which ensures comfort.

4. SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Gloves: £32

A good all-rounder designed to eliminate pull-out – a real frustration with many gloves. Waterproof and breathable, these gloves feel comfortable.

5. Rapha Merino Gloves: £70

Merino wool is a really useful material for riding, retaining warmth but remaining breathable. The silicone grip on the fingers, thumb and palm ensure comfort against the handlebars.

6. GORE Road Gloves GTX1: £59.99

Whilst managing to feel snug, these gloves are light. Using Gore-Tex technology to beat off the elements, the thumb is made from an absorbent material so that any perspiration can be wiped away.

7. Louis Garneau Creek Full Finger Gloves: £16.99

Foam padding in the perforated palm is designed to reduce hand fatigue whilst an air circulation system evacuates moisture to ensure your hands don’t become clammy. The gloves feel light and flexible and are easy to slip on and off. Great option to beat the wind chill.

8. Rapha Leather Town Gloves: £160

You’ll feel like you’re driving a classic sports car rather than riding a bicycle in these. Made from African hair sheep leather, the gloves feel supple yet strong and promise to become more comfortable with age as they shape to your hands. The grip on the palm is unobtrusive and the inside lining is odour resistant. Also available in black and green.

9. GORE ALP-X 2.0 Windstopper: £44.99

The gel padding on the palms ensure bumps go unnoticed whilst the silicone-coated fingers keep you warm. Natty crosses along the digits provide extra grip. Ideal for more extreme winter rides.

10. Phew Lobster Outer Shell Winter Cycling Gloves: £24.99

If it’s chilly, you might want a pair you can put over some snugger-fitting gloves. These ones will keep out the iciest winds. They are lightweight and the “lobster claw” style keeps the fingers together which helps retain warmth.

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