Our Favorite New Cycling Gear

Seventeen products that made this bike season better than any before
Bikes and bike gear has gotten so good that every year, when the fresh crop of latest greatest rolls in, I expect to be underwhelmed. How much better can it really get?

And every year, products continue to surprise and impress me. Off the top of my head, I can always think of a stack of gear that made such impact that I’d easily opt to buy it for my own. Suspensions are smoother, drivetrains are harder working than ever, bikes more versatile, tires suppler yet stronger—basically, technology continues to make riding more fun, year in and year out.

It doesn’t mean you have to go buy the latest. Last year’s advancements were great, too. But if I were looking to spend my hard-earned cash, this gear—out of hundreds of bikes and components and soft goods I’ve ridden this year—is what I’d get, ranked in ascending order.

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