The 10 Best Cycling Products

Whatever you’re looking for, one of these pieces of innovative gear will do the job
The amount of research and engineering going into bikes these days is at an all-time high. The result: innovation is fast and pervasive. No matter what you’re looking for in the cycling realm, there’s a bike or a piece of gear out there that does the job really, really well. We tested gear nonstop during the last 12 months and these are our favorite innovations.

1. Lindarets Remount 22 ($18)

This thumb-size plug of plastic is one of the simplest and most ingenious little gadgets we’ve seen. It mounts to any handlebar to create real estate for placing a remote lever for a dropper seat post. And since it sits perpendicular to the bars, it puts many levers into a much more ergonomic position, so you don’t have to reach or unwrap your hand from the bars to lower the post.

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