11 Great Hikes in Yoho National Park In Canada

11 Great Hikes in Yoho National Park In Canada

Spectacular Yoho National Park straddles the TransCanada Highway in the Province of British Columbia west of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.
The Parks Canada Visitor Centre in the tiny, historic coal mining and railroad community of Field, B.C., provides a wealth of information for exploration of the natural wonders contained within the borders of Yoho National Park.
Although Yoho is one of Canada’s smaller National Parks by land mass, Yoho National Park offers a wealth of natural treasures which appeal to a broad range of adventurers ranging from sightseers and novice hikers, to seasoned, well-equipped and highly experienced mountaineers on aggressive multiple day missions.
Yoho National Park contains hundreds of breathtaking waterfalls, including Canada’s second tallest and easily accessible waterfall, as well as massive glaciers, pristine emerald lakes, World Heritage Site fossil beds and formidable mountains.

1. Walk in the Past

During construction of Canada’s Transcontinental Railway, one of the most challenging sections was the ‘Big Hill’ near the Alberta-British Columbia border. Prior to construction of the Spiral Tunnels, the steep grade challenged locomotives of that time and created a challenging component along the rail line.

The ‘Walk in the Past’ hike is a short, relatively easy, interesting and informational interpretive journey through lush forest along the path used by railway construction workers who built the rail line. The hike leads to an old, wrecked locomotive which failed to make the grade. It is an interesting and enlightening story.

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