20 of the world’s best kept secrets

More and more travellers are looking for alternative destinations and experiences away from the famous well-trodden hotspots.
Eight out of ten British people want to escape the usual holiday tourist traps and three quarters of us want to visit places that our friends haven’t been to. We’ve harnessed the extensive knowledge of our 300 travel experts to compile a list of 20 jaw-dropping destinations that you may not have heard of but are just as incredible as better known beauty spots.

From stunning untouched beaches to unique wildlife experiences and with locations spanning the globe, this is our list of the world’s best-kept secrets.

1.Mehtab Bagh, India

Only one in a one thousand has heard of this tranquil garden just behind the Taj Mahal. Situated just across the river and an original part of the complex, it offers amazing uninterrupted views of the Taj but without the crowds. It’s a perfect place to watch the sunset with a different perspective.

2.The island of Gili Meno, Indonesia

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