8 secrets to going fast on a mountain bike

The secrets to going quicker might be easier than you think
We all want to go faster, but how do some riders make it look so easy? How can we stay calm and fluid when everything around us is becoming more stressful?

This month Andy from Dirt School looks at the secrets to going faster. Andy takes Matt, a confident recreational rider, through his paces and look at some of the tricks that will allow him to go quicker without even trying.

1. Confident body position

You know it already, but we cannot stress this enough. Having a low, confident body position is essential to staying in control. As soon as you start pushing your limits it will be the first thing that will become compromised, so being conscious that you need to keep coming back to it will be at the heart of staying in control. Your arms should remain bent at the elbows, your head over the bars, back flat, and remember that the disconnect that will allow you to balance should be at your hips and knees not at your head and shoulders. Cracking this ‘go to’ body position at all speeds, and on all surfaces and gradients, will allow your front end to stay neutral and give you the confidence to push on.

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