5 Things to Make Moving In Together Easier

5 Things to Make Moving In Together Easier

Moving in together is an exciting step in a relationship, because you can finally ditch the overnight bag and spend quality time with your beau. What some couples don’t anticipate, however, is that cohabitating is a big transition. Open and honest communication can help you avoid common conflicts that arise but what are the things you should be communicating about? Before you pack up your first box, discuss these five things and this exciting time will be even better.

1. Determine your reasons for moving.

Before you decide to cohabitate, you should discuss your motives for doing so. Is it more convenient to split the rent? Do you already spend all of your time together anyway? These may seem like logical reasons for moving in together, but misalignments can create cracks in your relationship.

“It’s important to consider the reasons you’re moving in together, says Rich Santos, SheKnows expert. “It’s not the moving in together part, but the reason behind it that seems to be the driver of whether cohabitation has a negative effect on a marriage.”

That’s why, at this time, you should also clarify your expectations for the relationship and what this move means. For some, moving in together is convenient, but to others, cohabitation means the relationship is moving forward. Psychology Today calls couples who live together with differing views on the relationship’s future, “incongruent non-engaged cohabitors.”

It may be uncomfortable to talk about your future, but it’s important to make sure you’re on the same page before you move in together, split the cost of new furniture, and start building a life as one.

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