6 Healthy Activities To Do Before Bed Instead Of Staring At Your Phone

When it comes to bedtime, many of us like to sit on our computers, watch Netflix, or play with our phone before attempting to sleep. However, these activities can affect our sleep cycles, so it’s important to incorporate other healthy activities to do before bed that can help us fall asleep more quickly and feel more rested overall. Just as what we do during the day affects our physical and mental health, what we do at night has an impact on our health as well.

“It is important to wind down before bed because life can be insanely hectic,” says Dawn Wiggins, EdS, LMFT over email. “From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, our minds and bodies are at work for us. Before bed, we have a great opportunity to take care of our minds and bodies by winding down so that we can have an easier time falling asleep, staying asleep, and having restful sleep.”

You may not put much thought into choosing what to do before bed, but your pre-sleep actions can have a big impact on how quickly you fall asleep and how alert you feel the following day. If you’re looking for some beneficial habits to adopt at night, consider trying these six healthy activities to do before bed.

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