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10 Must-Know Composition Tips To Improve Your iPhone Landscape Photos

Including a focal point gives your photo meaning, and it provides you with a main subject around which to build your composition.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Once you’ve decided on your focal point, you need to make sure you don’t spoil the photo by including other distractions from the scene.

Even if the distraction is attractive, for example another tree, you might decide to leave it out for the sake of the composition.

When I see a photo I want to take, I often find myself walking around a bit until I’m in just the right place to get everything I want in the frame, while leaving out everything that I don’t want.

This might involve moving forwards and backwards, gaining some height, or shooting from a lower perspective.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to exclude everything from the frame. So don’t forget that you can always crop the image afterwards, or use an app such as TouchRetouch to remove any small unwanted objects that you just can’t avoid.

The photo above was actually taken from a small boat when I was visiting the island of Staffa. Below is the original photo that includes part of the boat a couple sitting in front of me.

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