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10 Must-Know Composition Tips To Improve Your iPhone Landscape Photos

There was no way I could eliminate these from my composition, so I took the shot anyway, and then simply cropped them out afterwards.

3. Use The Rule Of Thirds

It’s easy to improve a photo by thinking carefully about the placement of the focal point and other important elements in the scene.

The rule of thirds is a composition technique that can be used to help you decide where to position the main elements within the frame.

The rule states that a picture will look more naturally balanced and visually pleasing if you position the main elements off-center within the frame.

So when you’re deciding where to place your main subject within the composition, imagine your viewfinder divided into a grid of nine equal parts, then position the subject where two of the gridlines intersect.

To make this easier, switch on the gridlines in the camera app (Settings > Photos & Camera > Grid). Now you can use the grid to help position your subject.

In the photo above, I used the rule of thirds to position the large rock in the foreground at the bottom left intersection of the gridlines.

You can also use the rule of thirds to help you decide where to place the horizon. Rather than having the horizon run across the middle of the frame, try positioning it on either the top or bottom horizontal gridline.

Once you start using the rule of thirds, you’ll find that you won’t have to think too much about it, and you’ll start to use it almost instinctively when composing your landscape shots.

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