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10 tips for getting into wildlife photography

Wildlife photography; it sounds so glamorous. Witnessing amazing sights, going to incredible places and spending hours watching stunning creatures going about their business while doing your best to get a photograph that does the encounter justice.

It is, in my opinion, one of the best careers or hobbies anyone could choose. What could be better than exploring the wilds (both rural and urban) in search of nature? I read a wonderful quote recently: ‘You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day – unless you’re busy, then you should sit for an hour.’

Within the UK and further afield there are countless opportunities and now is as good a time as any to start. Equipment has become more affordable; you can start with anything from bridge cameras to DSLR set-ups. You can specialise, too – not everything needs to be shot with a bazooka-like telephoto, so why not go for something a bit different by shooting wildlife with a wideangle or get up close and personal with macro lenses?

Wildlife isn’t easy. Yes, sometimes opportunities will be put right in front of you, but at other times you’ll need hours of patience for that one moment. Ethics are key, from how you approach and treat your subject to how you tell the story behind your photo, allowing full disclosure. A lot is down to your own judgement.

Over the course of this feature, I hope I’ll be able to give you some helpful hints, advice and guidance on ways in which you can improve your wildlife photography.

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