4 Most Expensive DSLR Cameras in

4 Most Expensive DSLR Cameras in 2018

Why are some DSLR cameras more expensive than others? High-end DSLRs have certain features in common, including top notch lenses, large sensors, exceptional technology, prestigious brand name, and image quality, among many others.

If you don’t mind shelling out a bit more for superior quality and performance, you’ll get your money’s worth with some of the highest-priced DSLRs below.

Here are the four most expensive DSLR cameras in 2018

1. Hasselblad H5D 200MS
Price: $44,000.00

The Hasselblad H5D-200MS medium format DSLR leads the pack when it comes to capturing images in unbelievably great detail. It uses a multi-shot technology also seen previously in its predecessor (the H4D-200MS) to create vibrant and ultra-sharp images.

Hasselblad 5D 200MS Shooting Modes:

Single shot – One shot at 50 MP
50MP multi-shot mode – Sequence of four identical shots with a one-pixel increment to capture colors from all angles and produce a full-color image with no artifacts
200MP multi-shot mode – Sequence of six identical shots with a 1.5-pixel increment to capture colors from all angles and produce a 200MP ultra-high resolution image

In addition to excellent shooting performance, the H5D-200MS can also withstand and perform well in bad weather. Making this DSLR easy and efficient to use are its larger, strategically positioned, and user-friendly buttons.

Hasselblad H5D 200MS Specs

  • Image Sensor: Large sensor medium format
  • Compatible Lenses: Hasselblad HC/HCD lens line
  • Memory Card Compatibility: CF card type U-DMA or tethered to Mac or PC
  • Focus System: Autofocus metering with passive central cross-type sensor True Focus with Immediate Focus Confirm (IFC) Instant
  • manual focus override. Metering range EV 1 to 19 at ISO 100
  • Video: N/A
  • ISO: ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800
  • LCD Type: 3.0″ TFT type LCD display with 24-bit color, 460,320 pixels
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