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5 best mirrorless cameras for enthusiasts

You can rely on techradar to bring you all the latest camera reviews and news, but we’ll also help you choose the right camera with our specially-themed buying guides – and this one is aimed enthusiasts studying the mirrorless (compact system camera) market.

Many mirrorless compact system cameras are sold as up-market upgrades for people who want better quality or better features than they get from their compact digital cameras. There are certainly plenty of mirrorless compact system cameras for beginners to choose from, but photo enthusiasts will be looking for more control, more features and – crucially – an electronic viewfinder. This is something you don’t get on entry-level models.

So we’ve picked out our top 5 mirrorless compact system cameras for enthusiasts, choosing models that offer the kind of features you’d expect from a good DSLR, but at a price the average hobbyist can afford.

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