Quick Tips for Looking Good on Camera1

5 Quick Tips for Looking Good on Camera

At Wistia, we’ve found that looking good on camera is mostly about feeling comfortable. As a talent under those bright lights, it’s best if you can forget about your appearance altogether and focus on being yourself. Next time you’re shooting a video, consider the following six tips to make sure you or the subject you’re shooting are looking (and feeling) good.

1. Clothing

When it comes to dressing for a shoot, solid colors are always a good bet. In fact, in our office, we have a whole rack of solid-colored t-shirts in all different sizes, ready to be worn by anyone. Try to avoid big logos, wrinkled clothes, or tight patterns, as they can all be visually distracting to your viewer.

When choosing your look, be aware that a suit and tie will send a different message than a ripped t-shirt. Also remember that when you are comfortable, you look comfortable. There’s no use in going over the top with your outfit if it means you can’t breathe properly or get loose.

In the end, your look should stem from your brand and whatever message you’re trying to convey in the video. There are no hard and fast rules.

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