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6 Tips For Photographing Fast Animals

Many animals move quickly, increasing the difficulty of capturing them on camera. Getting sharp photos of a running animal is a lot more challenging than taking a simple image of your subject sitting still. You have to contend with motion blur, focus tracking, and many more factors.

1. Predict Movements

It’s time to become an “animal psychic,” as the ability to understand and predict the behavior of your subject is probably one of the most valuable techniques you can have in your arsenal when trying to capture quick movements. Look for patterns in an animal’s behaviour: most are creatures of habit! If you are photographing a bird that uses a specific perch multiple times, then it is likely to return there again and again every day. If you know the path an animal will take, then focus your camera on the area you think it will cross and wait. Ensure you’re in manual focus already (so to not refocus the image accidentally), and press the shutter as soon as your subject comes into view. This eliminates the need for you to frantically follow an animal with your camera.

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