photography Tips For Wall Worthy Photos

8 landscapes photography Tips For Wall Worthy Photos

Try to shoot a lot during the golden hours, and you’ll find that great light really helps to make a better landscape shot.

#2: Use the Foreground

This has consistently been my biggest mistake with landscapes. I’ll see something gorgeous, like a mountain range, hold my camera up and shoot. Then I wind up with photo of stuff that’s very far away.

Don’t get me wrong, that can create some good shots. But without elements in the foreground of the image, you’ll really limit the appearance of depth in the photo. Stuff in the foreground helps to draw the viewer in, and give a sense that things are close, medium, and far.

Try to find something interesting to put in your foreground. Perhaps it’s some flowers on the ground, interesting rock formations, trees, or even people. Use those different distances to really add interest to the photo.

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