Tips to Becoming a Better Landscape Photographers

9 Tips to Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer

I have a Confession to make… I have never filled a Memory Card

In my entire Photography career I have never once filled a memory card. I don’t even know what kind of error message my camera would give me if I did fill one. Beyond that, I really haven’t taken that many photographs in my 5 year blogging career. I have seen so many posts in my Facebook and G+ feed of all these photographers with 10-15 Terabytes worth of stuff and it baffles me.

Let me rephrase that, it doesn’t baffle me, in some ways it makes me feel inferior. These questions run through my head:

  • Do I take enough Photos when I am on the scene?
  • I am a pro… right… Should Pro’s have 15 terabytes worth of photos?
  • Do I need to go shoot more? I only took 140 Gigs worth of photos last year.
  • After seeing some posts about the amount of terabytes of photos several photographers (amateur and pro) have stated, I had to have a look at my own numbers.

Below is a chart of all of the photos I have taken from 2006 – 2014. This also includes processed photos, PSDs, and Tone Mapped TIFF’s, well beyond just what I shot for the years.

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