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Beginner’s photography kit list

Beginner’s photography kit list: bags

Ah, the kit bag itself. This can be just as important as the kit you find within it. You’ll want something sturdy to protect your gear, and you may want to pay extra for waterproofing if you think you’re likely to be outside a lot (if you’re photographing landscapes for instance).

Generally speaking, bags are divided into two categories – rucksacks and backpacks, or over-the-shoulder messenger bags.

While messenger bags are more convenient for quickly grabbing your gear – backpacks are more comfortable to carry, especially if you have a lot of kit. Again, think about the type of photography you’re likely to be doing.

If it’s landscapes and scenery where you’ll be setting up in one place and don’t have to rush, a backpack is ideal. If it’s street photography or events photography where the ability to quickly change lenses is necessary, a backpack is going to be less appealing.

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