BEST Camera Features and Selections for Outdoor Photography

Hallmarks of Professional Quality

There are some distinct differences between amateur and professional cameras. One major difference is that professional cameras are made of metal. This includes every part from the top and bottom casings and buttons to battery and memory card doors. Ken Rockwell notes that the plastic materials typically used in amateur level cameras tends to break with typical wear and is therefore not good for shooting outdoors. Another hallmark of professional quality, Ken Rockwell notes, is having easy access to features. He explains that a quality camera should offer single function buttons for features such as white balance, shutter speed, and zoom, as opposed to the menu access offered in many cameras. Menus take too much time to scroll through and can be difficult to view in the varying light and shade of the outdoors-meaning you might miss the chance to get your shot. highlights the Leica X-2 as a viable option for a pro-quality durable camera in a compact body. The new model is capable of achieving high quality images, however it is strictly a still frame camera and it has a built in lens, which limits how you can use the device.

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