Best Cameras to Buy Right Now

It’s a great time of year for taking memorable photos, which means it’s a great time to ask about the best cameras on the market. As the calendar swells with graduations, weddings, and vacation plans, you’ll soon be confronted with amazing photo ops—the kind you dare not entrust solely to a smartphone.

1 Canon PowerShot N100

One reason people like snapping photos on their smartphones is that smartphones are “connected” to the Internet, email and message services, making it easy to share their work. This small, portable point-and-shoot uses Wi-Fi to transfer images to phones, tablets, and computers, as well as other PowerShot N-series cameras. It can even upload photos directly to Facebook. It has fun features, too: In Creative Shot mode, it lets you edit your images using various filters and cropping techniques (think Instagram) and save five versions of each shot.

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