Best photography techniquess

Best photography techniques

Unlike the film photography era, it doesn’t cost anything to take pictures, unless you count the price of your phone or DSLR. Not having to worry about how many shots you’re taking is a major advantage, because it allows for practically unlimited experimentation. The more of this you, do the greater understanding you’ll have of what your DSLR (and in some cases your phone) can do, how the controls work, and how to get the best out of what technology is to hand.

Most of our tips cost little or nothing, so you’ve no excuse for not trying them out. While our advice is primarily aimed at those with a digital SLR camera, many of the tips apply equally to any camera, including those on phones. And phone cameras are getting surprisingly good these days. See best phone camera for more, and also best camera deals.

1. Aperture priority

The aperture priority is enabled by using ‘A’ or ‘Av’ mode on most DSLR camera dials. Selecting this mode will empower the DSLR to decide ISO and shutter speed, but leaving aperture as the single feature that’s not camera controlled.

The function of the aperture is to control the amount of light entering the sensor, and control depth of field. Doing this allows you to blur out the background and drive the focus entirely where the images are sharpest.

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