Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6 adds Wi-Fi to budget model

Canon has needed to update their budget DSLR for some time now, but, frankly, the Rebel T6 isn’t really much of an update. Canon has added wi-fi and NFC, but the specs otherwise appear to be identical to the older T5. And the T5 didn’t have much updates over the previous model either.

The Canon Rebel T6 uses a 18 megapixel APS-C sensor that still has the optical low pass filter in place. That filter helps reduce distortion in fine patterns, but many other companies have removed it and instead updated their sensor, which results in more image detail. The T6 still shoots at 3 fps, which is slow for the category.

The autofocus also has just nine points, where the comporable Nikon option has 11. Video is 1080p HD, but at the slower 30 fps frame rate.

The Canon Rebel T6 will certainly get you better images than your smartphone or point-and-shoot camera. But, the technoogy is a bit behind and the image quality hasn’t changed much from the T4. The Nikon D3300 beats the T6 in almost every category, including speed, autofocus and battery life and, while their list price is the same, can often be picked up on sale for nearly $200 less. If you are set on getting started with a Canon system, the Canon T6i and T6s both offer more resolution and speed

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