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Canon Vs. Nikon: Which DSLR Brand Trumps The Other?

It’s the paper or plastic, Coke or Pepsi for photographers—Canon, or Nikon? While one photographer will swear by his Canon, another will insist her Nikon is the better option. So which camera is best? That’s a matter of opinion—but that doesn’t mean the individual camera brands don’t have characteristics that may make them more suited to one type of photography or one type of photographer over the other.

When comparing Canon vs. Nikon side-by-side, there are a lot of similarities, like solid image quality and a wide range of accessories, but there’s a lot of differences too—some subtle, others, not so much.

Canon Vs. Nikon: Sensors

Both Canon and Nikon offer cameras powered by similarly sized sensors, but there’s a lot more that goes into image quality than just the size of the sensor. Just when one manufacturer seems to leap forward in sensor technology, the other catches up.

Most of Nikon’s latest DSLRs use a new sensor design that allows them to eliminate the optical low pass filter without an abundance of moiré, or distortion in fine lines and patterns. The filter is one more thing for the light to pass through before hitting the sensor, so eliminating it allows the camera to pick up more details and perform a bit better in low light. All of Nikon’s 2015 APS-C sensor cameras don’t use an optical low pass filter and a handful of their full frame professional models have eliminated it as well.

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