Unlock Landscape Photographys

Chasing The Light + Visual Flow: Unlock Landscape Photography’s Creative Core

What’s included? Why should I buy this bundle?

You’re going to get two ebooks written by the photographer, artist, and editor Ian Plant. Chasing Light comes with 240 pages. And Visual Flow clocks in at 287 pages. We’ve bundled them together because they explain some of landscape photography’s most important concepts: light, color, and composition.

What I love the most about them is their depth. They’re made for the landscape junkie, the passionate enthusiast, the photographer who reads all the blogs, magazines, and forums meant for landscape photographers. Because of that, the information within is practical and well-researched.

For the beginner, the lessons, insights, and tips will probably feel endless. Amid all the breakdowns and advice are illustrations of what makes good professional landscape photography stand apart from what’s ordinarily snapped. They’re absorbing reads, and both are among my favorite ebooks that we’ve sold.

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