Default Camera Setting For Landscape Photography

Default Camera Setting For Landscape Photography

I mentioned my camera settings in several examples of my 3P photo creation process, such as 3P Creation for Palace of Fine Arts, 3P Creation for Golden Gate Bridge. Many of you might have paid extra attention to my ISO, aperture, shutter speed or even zoom range settings, but few might know that you can be much more efficient to make a one-time adjustment on default camera settings before you head out for landscape photography. Below are my camera LCD screen captures for these adjustments. Note I use Canon 5D Mark III so the menu could be different from yours, but most of these settings are available in other DSLR cameras.

1. Set your image quality to RAW

Jpeg format is compressed and contains much less information than RAW format files. Even you are not keen on post processing right now, shooting RAW format will give you flexibility to restore information for any important photos you take. In particular, those photos are about the places and moments you see only once in a life time.

On the flip side, RAW files are much larger. For example, a RAW file produced by my Canon 5D Mark III could be around 25MB, but its Jpeg equivalent could be only 5~6MB. Therefore if you don’t have enough storage space in your hard drive, or you don’t have enough space on your camera’s memory card, shooting Jpeg is a wise solution. But if you care about photo quality and want to have the flexibility to post process your image, you want to shoot in RAW.

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