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Fujifilm X-Pro2 review: my favorite camera

Fujifilm’s new X-Pro2 is a tough camera to review by any ordinary metric — it’s an exotic tool that defies rational purchasing decisions. There are cameras in its price range that will give you better image quality, and there are cheaper cameras — even from Fujifilm — that offer more features.

But I love the X-Pro2, and I can’t really say why without spilling my subjective opinion. That’s because the X-Pro2 itself is an opinionated camera — and I happen to agree with it about a great many things.

The $1699.95 X-Pro2 is, as you might expect, a follow-up to the X-Pro1. That camera came out four years ago, and was Fujifilm’s first mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. The X-Pro2 doesn’t change the outer body too much, although there are a few tweaks we’ll get into later that do make a meaningful difference to the shooting experience. It’s still a convincing, chunky facsimile of a rangefinder camera, with shutter speed and exposure compensation dials designed to be used with lenses with aperture rings. It’s also now weather-resistant and feels more solidly built in general.

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