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Fujifilm X-Pro2 review: my favorite camera

Every Fujifilm X-Series mirrorless camera since the X-Pro1 used essentially the same sensor and had near-identical image quality; the X-Trans II sensor simply added phase-detection autofocus points. But with the X-Pro2, Fujifilm’s third-generation sensor has finally seen daylight, bumping resolution from 16 to 24 megapixels and maximum native ISO from 6400 to 12800. There’s a new chip to match, too, the X-Processor Pro, and the autofocus system has been upgraded to 273 points, of which 77 are phase-detect. The camera can shoot at eight frames per second with continuous phase AF, and is the first X-series camera to have dual SD card slots. It also has slightly better video quality than its forebears, though I don’t think anyone will buy it for that.

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