Landscape Photography Lenses1

Landscape Photography Lenses

There is nothing more satisfying for a landscape photographer than capturing an image that displays the grandeur and beauty of nature. Whether it be sunset washing a mountain of fall foliage with a blaze of color, a river snaking majestically through eroded canyon walls, or a lone tree against the whispering grass and blue sky of a savannah, it’s the scale of nature that helps tell the story about the beauty of the outdoors.

That’s why behind every good landscape photographer is a good wide-angle lens. No other photographic tool is so important in capturing and conveying the grandeur of a scene, and today there’s an array of excellent wide-angle lenses that weren’t even possible a generation ago. Computer-based design, advanced manufacturing techniques, refined focusing motors and miniaturized computer processors have all led to the development of today’s high-quality wide-angle lenses.

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