Reflections in Landscape Photography

Mirror, Mirror: Using Reflections in Landscape Photography

Notice how in both the first and second photos I’ve included more of the reflection than I did of the background. In each case, the reflection takes up about two-thirds of the frame.

Stonehouse Pond, Fall Reflections

The reflections I use in my photography aren’t always the traditional glassy-smooth reflections on water. Often it’s the way the light is reflecting off of my main subject that catches my eye.

In this photo shot one morning while wandering around Portsmouth, N.H., it was the sunlight reflecting on the windows that attracted me. Of course the photo also has a pretty great reflection on the water and wet rocks, too.


Another way I like to use reflections in my landscape photos is as the main subject. Often including nothing but the reflection.

Particularly during the peak foliage of autumn, when the light is right and the colors reflecting off of the surface of the water are brilliant, you can make some very interesting abstract images. There have been days when I’ve gone into the mountains during autumn and photographed nothing but reflections of the fall colors on the gently rippled surface of a few lakes and ponds as well as the roaring cascades of the Swift River.

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