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Our Top Camera Gear for Travel Videos & Photography

There are no two ways about it, camera technology changes too rapidly for us to keep perfectly up-to-date information with personal musings and videos about each camera and accessory. So in an effort to keep things simple and updated I’ll make sure to link to my newest and most used camera gear.

Before we left our home in Dallas, TX I was a professional photographer so I already owned a ton of camera gear to bring along to capture our travels & adventures. As our travel, video and photography styles have morphed over the past 5+ years I’ve been forced to take a good look at my existing camera gear and focus in on the best cameras & accessories that help me create the highest quality videos and photographs with the smallest footprint.

I remember a huge shift in the early years of digital photography where my colleagues were selling all their Nikon gear and switching to Canon (after the release of the full-frame “prosumer” 5d). I invested in Canon from the get go so I silently gave myself a pat on the back while I watched all those poor people selling their Nikon gear for a fraction of its worth. Now I feel another shift is happening with amateurs, travel bloggers and professional photographers alike. We all demand professional capabilities in a compact body with a firmware that can easily be updated with new features by downloading updates and apps (much like a smartphone). This is why I’m slowly, and painfully, making the switch to Sony (I gave Canon one last chance in 2014 with the mirrorless EOS m, but they failed me and I ultimately decided to move on).

My Top Go To Camera

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