Some Interesting Photography Tips

Some Interesting Photography Tips & Tutorials

Beauty lies in the simplicity

Beauty lies in the simplicity. Isn’t it?

Strong contrasting foreground silhouetted against the bright and colorful sky makes for a simple but effective composition.

I did this composition back in the post-processing stage. Some compositions will not be very apparent when you are in the field. But, if you can learn to compose well in the post-processing stage, you’ll know what to do in the field, next time you see a similar scene.

White-bellied Blue Flycatcher

Here’s another photo of the White-bellied Blue Flycatcher that was taken seconds after the first one I posted a few days ago.

Here are few factors that are making this photograph compelling:

The bird is colorful and attractive.
– There’s catch light in the eye.
– Head angle is nice.
– The secondary element (the perch) is interesting and forms a sweeping diagonally inclined curve which makes for a visually compelling element.
– Colorful background, which almost looks like a painting with a splash of color, adds to the already interesting composition.
– And the action – the bird is leaning forward just about to fly – adds the energy to this photo.

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