The 8 Best Instant Cameras of 2018111

The 8 Best Instant Cameras of 2018

It’s not hard to understand why instant cameras have made a huge comeback recently. Capturing a photo and having it immediately delivered in your hands has a certain magical appeal that can’t be matched by digital photography. Although the film can be pretty expensive, it’s still worth it in the end if you’re a fan of the concept. Want a GoPro gimbal or maybe a green screen background? I wrote articles about those as well.

The market for these devices is quite crowded, Fujifilm especially seems to dominate it with lots of models with cool and interesting features and looks. Shopping for the best products is generally the smartest choice you can make so as to spend your money wisely only on those items that are truly worth your cash. We’ve selected the best instant cameras that are currently the most revered for their quality, performance, and for their amazing designs and capabilities. If you’re part of the artistic crowd and can’t decide which one should become your new instant camera, have a look at this list where you’re very likely to find something to suit your tastes and needs.

1. Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

Polaroid’s PIC-300 is a well-received product in the instant camera community because of its balanced features and the affordable price. The old days of instant film cameras are revived with the help devices like this one.

As opposed to other instant cameras on the market, the PIC-300 has a more modern look. Its bubbly design with bulging curves may have a particular appeal to some, especially if you choose one of the more cartoonish color options. The construction is solid and can feel a bit heavy but the plastic reduces the weight. Holding the camera feels slightly awkward as the grip is not very comfortable.

Operating the camera is easy, and the choice of modes should fit well most situations. The ISO 800 film for the camera needs to be purchased separately and the size of the photos (2.1 by 3.4 inches) is adequate to keep the pictures in your wallet. Considering the price per shot, I’d say this has an interesting effect as it can make you value each shot more and choosing the right moment to take a photo much more meaningful so as not to spend too much.

PIC-300’s performance is good, delivering quality images for the size, kind of dark in certain lighting. With a 5 seconds delay between shots and also considering the 15 seconds needed for the camera to boot up, this means that action shots aren’t exactly possible. For stills, outdoor scenery, and selfies, this model works excellently though. The battery life is decent, you will need four AA batteries to power the PIC-300.

In conclusion, Polaroid’s instant camera is a solid all-around option for someone fascinated by the grainy old film style of photos obtained with these devices. The cost of the camera is not very high for its features so for this reason alone I think it’s a valuable choice.

Specifications list:
  • Compatible with Polaroid 300 film
  • High-quality small instant photos
  • Auto flash in low light
  • Electronic shutter
  • 2×3 film format
  • 60 mm min focal length
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