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The Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

How to shoot those shots beautiful landscapes you see in magazines

Ever wondered how professionals take such awe-inspiring landscape shots? Maybe you’ve been there yourself, camera in hand, but not had your photos turn out the way you wanted. There are many components to it: being in the right place at the right time and post-processing, to name a couple. But this article will focus on that moment when it all comes together, just before you press the shutter, and you need to decide what settings to use.

You’re in the right place at the right time – now what?
First, a word about control modes (Aperture/Shutter Priority, Portrait, Sport, etc.). If you don’t have the camera on manual or if your camera doesn’t have a manual setting, some or all of the settings discussed below are controlled by the camera.

When using these modes, all of the things I discuss in this article will still be helpful, as you will know which modes and settings to use to help the camera make the right decision. While these concepts are most useful when shooting with cameras with the highest level of control, such as (D)SLRs, they will also improve your result with point-and-shoot or even phone cameras.

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