The Best Cameras For Product Photography1

The Best Cameras For Product Photography

Basic Breakdown of Camera Types

DSLR: Most of you will probably be looking into a 35mm DSLR, which essentially means a camera with interchangeable lenses. These are in the thousands and require an investment in lenses (which we will touch on later). But they also allow the most growth possible – over time, you can build out into a large assortment of lenses and accessories.

Point and Shoot: If you don’t want to invest in lenses, most manufacturers offer very high quality “point and shoot” cameras, with good optics and features as well.

A Mix: You might be wondering if there is a happy medium that merges the ease of point-and-shoots with the expandability of a DSLR. I’m pleased to tell you, there is. One of the more recent developments in the camera world is a type called “mirrorless”. It’s like a DSLR without the mirror, meaning you look at a digital display akin to that of a point-and-shoot or your smartphone camera, rather than a viewfinder that reflects onto a mirror.

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