Laguna Llanganuco, Peru

Laguna Llanganuco in the Cordillera Blanca region of Northern Peru is made up of two equally mesmerizing lakes; Chinancocha (female lagoon) and Orconcocha (male lagoon) both of which were formed by the run- off from the surrounding melting glaciers. Both glacial pools are characterised by their different shades of blue; Chinancocha a deep turquoise and Orconcocha a dazzling light blue and this coupled with the bountiful flora on the lakes shores will offer a picture postcard shot. The best way to see these lakes is to rent a rowing boat and make sure to adjust your shutter speed whilst gliding across the lagoons azure waters for that iconic static shot. For a light show that will take your breath away, arrive at Chinancocha before 8am and admire (or snap) the blue hues changing before your very eyes while the rays from the sun bounce off the surface. Orconcocha is the second lake you will reach and will offer a better panorama of the mountains reflecting against the glacial pool. Whether this is a starting point for the Santa-Cruz trek or just a visit in itself – you won’t regret it.

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