Top 10 Camera Brands 20181

Top 10 Camera Brands 2018

Most camera companies are international in nature and often times produce many products other than the popular digital cameras now dominating the photography market. Most of the top 10 camera brands are Japanese companies that have manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Japan, and other nations. Many also have been in business for many decades and have established themselves as makers of high-quality optics and digital cameras.

1 Canon

Canon Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end digital SLR cameras and other types of cameras, and was founded in 1937. Headquartered in Japan, Canon and its cameras have become among the most popular in the world, with its EOS line generally rated among the best available. The company became a top competitor after the introduction of its Rebel film-based SLR and now is a favorite maker of digital SLRs among many working professionals.

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