It’s time to add another city to my top 5 photography spots list, and today it’s Amsterdam. As Amsterdam is very much about the canals, the places I will mention here are mostly on them, and really capture the look of the city center. There are specific popular spots with photographers, but they are a bit harder to find if you don’t know the location, as the canals are similar around the area, and it’s hard to identify certain spots from just the photos. So as always, I will be including the GPS locations, to make you search easier.

I will include more than 5 spots this time (keeping the name for consistency :)), and I will also include two spots in Zaandam. Zaandam is a smaller city near Amsterdam (I’m not sure if its like a city part of Amsterdam or not), that you can reach within minutes by train. It includes some great photo spots, which you really have to check out 🙂 As some spot are further away, I will also try to include simple directions how to get there.

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This is probably the most popular spot for photographers. Each time I was there I seen at least few with tripods around. Still as it’s not easy to find (I got questions about it 🙂 ), check out the exact location from GPS. It’s also one of the few spots, where all the lights on the bridge work, so you will get a nice reflection in the water. This spot looks great from both sides of the bridge, so don’t forget to look at both.

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