Top 6 On-Camera Video Lights

The on-camera light is to the video shooter what the speed light is to the still photographer. Many would consider it an essential piece of kit. “On-camera” is a term that defines a category, but these light may not always (or ever) be mounted on your camera. It refers to a compact, battery-powered light that can be mounted on-camera if you so choose. Some even work on drones. There are hundreds out there so what I would like to do is consider 10 in no particular order. They are all great lights, each distinctive in its own way.

1. Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light

The LED-7100T from Genaray, with its broad 312-LED panel, might be considered your staple on-camera light. Like most on-camera lights, it really shines when the subject is close to the camera, its broad array of LEDs providing an even illumination pattern without the “hot spot” effect that was the bane of legacy halogen-lamp based video lights. This “flat” quality also makes the LED-7100T a great option for supplemental fill. The color temperature is adjustable from 3200 to 5600K, making it easy to match the space’s ambient light (if any), and it outputs a solid 1400 lumens at its brightest setting. Powering is always the biggest challenge with on-camera lights. The LED-7100T uses the prolific Sony L-Series-type battery and has slots for two batteries. Two NP-F550 equivalent batteries and car and AC adapters come included.

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