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Top Photographers Share Their Go-to Lenses for Taking the Perfect Shot

While it’s true that great photography is much more than stocking up on gear, the perfect lens can help photographers achieve their vision. And with so many talented photographers featured over the years, we were curious about what lenses our favorites reached for first when they went out to shoot.

As many of the photographers we spoke to point out, there are different lenses better suited to certain conditions, but without exception, they each had a specific lens that they rely on. So, without further ado, let’s see what some of our favorite photographers consider their favorite camera lens while out in the field.

Anup Shah

The lens I go for is a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 wide angle zoom. The lens allows me to take in the environment of the wild animal I am photographing —context is important to me. At the widest angle, I can also bring lots of the sky into the photograph and at the 35mm angle, I can obtain intimate close-ups of faces of wild animals without sacrificing the environment too much.
The lens is sharp and handles tonal ranges very well. Distortion is minimal. Details are excellent. It is quite robust too. So, it does what I require without hassle. I go for it instinctively now.

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