What are the Best Filters for Landscape Photography?

There’s nothing quite like our love affair with accessories. After you’ve bought anything these days you always need something extra to go with it to make the experience more special. Same can be said with cameras. There’s a whole array of cables, add-ons, and bits and bobs to fill your kit bag up with. Filters would be, in my opinion, absolute must-have landscape photography items. They can be, at first, tricky to get your head around and implementing them at the right time is a skill in itself. There are many filters on offer, but I would narrow them down to the most important ones which are: Neutral Density (ND) graduated filters, Circular Polarising filters and lastly, solid Neutral Density (ND) filters. These are the essential filters for landscape photography – and the fun begins when you combine all three at once!

With advancements of image processing programs and the amount of dynamic range captured in your images files, some of you may be thinking why bother with filters when you can recreate similar effects in the digital darkroom? Well, that’s partly true; especially in the case of subtly adding an ND Grad to an image, but the other two cannot be replicated afterwards, or more specifically the effects of them can’t be. I’m a big believer of getting it right in the camera, and not relying on the computer to ‘fix’ your images. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with fancy looking accessories and seeing the real-time effects they have on your images out in the field?!

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