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5 Incredible Hiking Trails in British Columbia

If you think that ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ has become a trite moniker, it’s time to get off the sofa. This province is home to four mountain systems, 18 volcanoes and a host of lakes, rivers and marshes. One-third of B.C. is barren alpine tundra, icefield and glacier; boasting just over 14 million hectacres of park land and reserves. It’s all just begging to be explored.

1 The Lions (West Vancouver)

Distance: 15 kilometres (total)

Time: 7-10 hours

Level of difficulty: trail is difficult and reaching the summit requires a technical climb

Details: Taking The Lions Trail via the ridge of Mount Unnecessary will require a spare set of lungs, but hikers are well rewarded with views of Howe Sound. Traversing through dense forest and into the Coast Range Alpine is equally stunning. This is an in-and-out hike along the same route, which will deposit you back at your vehicle. Hikers without climbing skills need not reach the summit to enjoy hiking the Lions. Be sure to wear or pack layers, plan for changing weather, and bring food and water.

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