6 Best Falls Climbing Near San Francisco you can go1

6 Best Falls Climbing Near San Francisco you can go

After this week’s spattering of rainfall, the Bay Area’s scenic waterways have gotten a nice little boost. Obviously, the more it rains, the more water you’ll see in waterfalls, and most of these waterfalls are doing all right. Even if they’re running a little low, they’re all in beautiful areas and are well worth the trip.

A few of these waterfalls also happen to be near some of the best campgrounds in the Bay Area, just in case you’re up for more than an afternoon trek. These are just some of my favorites, so if you have any more good waterfalls to recommend, be sure to mention them in the comments.

1. Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls is the rock star of Bay Area waterfalls. Not only is it one of the most dramatic locations, falling right onto the beach, but it’s also one of the most reliably high-flowing falls around. The hike to Alamere Falls is the longest on the list, but it keeps a fairly even elevation most of the way. The first mile snakes along a 300-foot cliff overlooking the water, and the rest goes between covered forest and exposed chaparral.

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