Top 10 Waterfalls Around Bangalore1

Top 10 Waterfalls Around Bangalore

Waterfalls are one of the most calming and beautiful elements of nature, and that is exactly the effect that these waterfalls near Bangalore have on their visitors. Because of the location of this city, which is quite near to the spectacular western ghats of India, you can get to witness some of the most mesmerizing spectacles on the rivers that originate and pass through these majestic hills. And when you combine rivers and hills, you definitely will get waterfalls. Starting from the nearest ones, the Chunchi falls in Kanakapura is one of the best outing destinations for Bangaloreans that involves a small bit of trekking to reach the falls. Though caution is advised, it never stops people from coming to admire the 80 feet plunge of the water of the Arkavati river, 6 km before it merges into the Kaveri.

Another name in the list of waterfalls around Bangalore is the majestic Mekedatu Falls in Kanakapura. Its name in Kannada means “the goat’s leap”, and has a legend attached to the name. The river Kaveri shrinks from a 150m width to just 10m as it passes through the Gorge at Mekedatu, resulting into a beautiful and wild flow of the waters here, giving it the popularity that it enjoys in the region. A little further away from here is the famous Abbey Falls of Kodagu, or Coorg as it is more commonly known. Gifted with many waterfalls, the Abbey Falls have a special place in Coorg because of its 70ft drop that transforms into a small rivulet at the bottom.

Straying a little further away from Bangalore and into the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka is the very well known Jog Falls of Shimoga. With a drop of whopping 253m on the Sharavathi river, Jog Falls is India’s second-highest plunge waterfall and easily the most beautiful ones too. This guide brings to you the best places you can visit near Bangalore for a splash on your face and a refreshing feel to rejuvenate your soul as you lose yourself in the stunning green-scapes and plunges here.

Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura

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