Waterfalls Near Redding In Northern California1

Waterfalls Near Redding In Northern California

It would be difficult to talk about far northern California without also talking about water. The area is home to California’s largest lake and longest river. It also boasts the largest plug dome volcano in the world: much of the landscape surrounding Redding was created by volcanic activity, which is the force behind the creation of many of the area’s lakes, rivers, and streams. Unspoiled, breathtaking vistas enthrall visitors with towering mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, white water rivers, dense lush forests, and glistening lakes.

There are dozens of beautiful waterfalls dotting the northern California landscape and many can be accessed on one single loop drive from Redding to Burney, north to Mt. Shasta, and back to Redding. Whiskeytown National Recreation area west of Redding is also home to many of the waterfalls listed here.

Whether you spend a day or an entire weekend exploring the waterfalls surrounding Redding, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, take along a light jacket, don’t forget your camera, and always remember to tread lightly!

1. Ash Creek Falls

Ash Creek Falls is known for being one of the tallest in the Mt. Shasta area at a single drop of 290 feet. The falls must be viewed from afar due to the canyon terraine and is best for viewing during summer months when glacier runoff is greatest. This waterfall is accessible by trail.

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